What We Do

~16 & Up~

Sorry, Young Folk!

You'll be old enough before you know it! Until then, enjoy being a guest!


Make work high priority in your life

Treat guests and coworkers as the priceless people that they are

Prepare, customize, and serve delicious drinks in a fast-paced environment

Work in stressful situations with a consistently positive attitude

Choose to make every day a great one!

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What Your Daily Grind Looks Like 🌟

  • Converse with customers to confirm their drink orders, and correctly key in orders to our point of sale system.
  • Collect payments for orders and correctly count back any change to the customer.
  • Prepare all drinks and premixes.
  • Move with a sense of urgency
  • Stay productive and proactive throughout the entire shift, even when business is slow, pitch in and help the team out!
  • Make personal connections with customers every day through genuine interactions, warm smiles, and open and positive body language.
  • Drink recipe ninja! Know our menu and drink offerings inside and out; notice if a customer may not be ordering what they truly want and will be able to help the customer identify and correctly order their desired drink, offering suggestions and recommendations when appropriate.
  • Bring your best self to work every day (good hygiene, plenty of sleep, clean clothes, kept hair/makeup). Dress appropriately for their assigned position.
  • Familiar with our shift change duties, checklists, and weekly chores so that you stay on task and execute any of them when needed.
  • Always clocked in and ready to work at their assigned position when your shift time begins.
  • Treat teammates and customers with respect and kindness.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by following organizational standards and sanitation regulations.  

Skills and Qualifications (Safety first!) 💯

  • Can create and maintain genuine, uplifting interactions
  • Can work carefully and quickly with hot water and coffee, glass bottles, and dairy products
  • Can work outside for prolonged periods, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Can lift up to 50lbs
  • Can work on their feet for hours at a time
  • Can climb a ladder and use a stepladder
  • Can stand, sit, bend, kneel, twist, and squat as necessary to stock and clean in the stand
  • Can safely walk in between and around cars in the drive thru line
  • Can safely use a utility knife
  • Can quickly and cleanly operate any position in the stand during peak hours
  • Can maintain awareness of the shift’s operations while working a position
  • Can assertively and graciously confront their team to address operational, procedural, or cultural issues
  • Can adapt to problems and implement solutions during stressful situations

Weekly Work Schedule 🗓

  • Works a flexible schedule, which can include early mornings (5 a.m.) and late nights (11:30 p.m.).
  • Follows company procedure for communicating time off requests.
  • Regularly work weekends and is available to work holidays, if necessary.


next level

Want to grow your job into a career? We've created a way for you to step up your game.


At Brew Crew,  our goal is to help train you into the leader you want to be.  We've outlined exactly how you can progress through the company and eventually manage your own region. Now it's up to you.  Dream big, work hard, and make these opportunities real!


Where Everyone Starts


Providing a fantastic guest experience, while learning the team model.

  • $13-22/Hr with tips



Leading a Team of people


Now you're responsible for leading a team of 7-10 people while learning how to run a business.

  • $20-28/Hr with tips



Managing Your Own Stand


You are the CEO of your stand, hiring and training the team you need for your business to grow.

  • $52K Starting Pay
  • $550+ monthly bonus opportunity
  • Additional Profit Sharing

regional Manager

Managing Your Own Region


You are responsible for 4-7 stands. Working with the leadership team to determine what are the best strategic decisions for the company.

  • $75K Starting Pay
  • Car Allowance
  • Cell Phone Allowance
  • Gas Allowance
  • Profit Sharing